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You don’t want to miss Part 2 of our new, free CNC Router webinar series with our partners from ALPOLIC™ International.

Webinar highlights include:

  • A discussion on using A1/A2 ACM fire-resistant materials to meet European building regulations
  • A demo of the PANELBuilder software, a system that allows users to easily import single or multiple panel drawings from other software like AutoCAD.
  • Using a Floating Head Nose Rider to maintain a consistent depth of cut across the entire table.
  • How to use Auto Zone Management to securely keep material in place.
  • Combining a Chip Extraction System with the right pressure feet/nose riders for superior chip extraction.
  • Understanding the specific configuration for ACM fabrication.

Get your questions ready!  The session includes a live Q&A with our Technical Experts on everything ACM related.

Understanding the specific configuration for ACM fabrication.

Dates: 29th October, 5th November

Time: 15:00

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